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Based in Nairobi, X-Media Kenya is the leading film and video production company covering documentaries, commercials, television series and music videos and events that serves the East African region.

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Our Journey

X-Media Kenya was founded by Robby Bresson. Robby was trained and started his career in the USA, India, and Kenya. Being passionate about video, he studied directing and writing for the screen at Maisha Film Lab for emerging East African filmmakers. After a stint in Cape Town at a film talent school he moved to Nairobi to put his MBA and filmmaking education to work with his new audio-visual production venture, X-Media Kenya.

The company has since worked with some of the worlds most acclaimed television directors and globally renowned talent, producing a variety of content including television shows and commercials, documentaries, online content, and corporate films for leading global brands delivering finely crafted products in a timely fashion.

Under Bresson's direction, X-Media Kenya's mission has been nothing less than to be the leading regional partner for alternative and innovative marketing, advertising and promotions campaigns by providing our clients with unmatched production services. This media company brings the honesty, integrity and creative energy to all its media projects, to best deliver the clients message to their target market, effectively and efficiently.

To date, we have worked with some of the finest advertising agencies in the region, as well as corporate clients recognised both locally and internationally, and are always on the lookout for our next major project.

Winners of multiple prestigious awards, both locally and internationally, we collaborate with groundbreaking directors, creative agencies and visionary brands, who trust us to bring their ideas to life. We value the two-way nature of these partnerships, understanding that our clients give us opportunities to improve our craft and astound their audiences.

We have a strong client base across a broad range of private, public sector companies and organisations. We specialise in producing suites of video and content across all media formats, ensuring consistency of communication and design across your full range of channels.

When it comes to country fixing we scout for the proper human and material resources necessary to facilitate your production within the East African region. Our extensive catalogue of work has taken us frequently to Kenya's neighboring countries so we have built up a significant network to help foreign crews film in the region. X-Media Kenya is your go-to company for film production in East Africa.

All Disciplines
Technical Expertise


X-Media Kenya provides services specifically tailored to the needs of each production, including development, filming or post-production stages. With experience and a strong track record with co-productions partners X-Media Kenya is ideally placed to help co-producers ensure their co-production with Kenya is a cost-effective and efficient.


Whichever option you choose, X-Media Kenya will help you plan your project and refine your concept for maximum effectiveness within your budget. With decades of combined experience, our production specialists will provide the very best video content for your company. From script to screen, we have experts in every role. Meet the folks who make up the X-Media family.
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