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X-Media Kenya creates concepts for high quality audio-visual advertising campaigns and we are experienced in the intricate process of bringing these concepts to the screen and your customers.

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Video marketing is fast becoming the best marketing tool that companies can use to win more business. As more people are engaging with video online it is important for your business not to fall behind. Choose to work with us for your video marketing needs to get the results you want with sleek and innovative video and motion graphics for your campaigns.

X-Media Kenya is a video agency devoted to creating and producing premium corporate content. We foster close, collaborative partnerships with our clients with a view to yielding vibrant, arresting digital video content that is on brief and has real impact. We do it all – branded films, promos, event coverage, animations, graphic explainers, title sequences, digital films, episodic series, commercials and documentaries – using our full-service production workflow. We get that your content needs to be engaging and make a mark on saturated digital platforms. We’ll craft stylish visual narratives that realise genuinely effective results for your marketing communications. And we’ll do all this within a flexible budget model that is responsive to your cost requirements.

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From planning, creative concept, market analysis through casting, negotiation, storyboarding, locations to production, design and visual FX, we take you from inital idea to full rollout.


Whichever option you choose, X-Media Kenya will help you plan your TV ads and refine your concept for maximum effectiveness within your budget. This will ensure your target market get to see, connect with and act upon your campaign. Launching a new product and need to capture people’s attention? We can help with that. Hosting a major event and want to maximise ticket sales? We can help with that too. Deciding to rebrand and need a new image that your target audience will love? We can definitely help with that! Getting TV ads made in Kenya is not as hard as you might think.
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