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Video marketing is now widely regarded as one of the best marketing tools that companies can use to win more business. As the online world changes, people are engaging more with video and it is important for your business not to fall behind. We bring our TV Ads legacy to this format.


Art Dept.

When it comes to creativity our motto at X-Media Kenya is that anything is possible. Not only do we work with the local industries network of top film industry professionals but we are situated in a city that is brimming with skilled tradespeople where just about anything can be designed and produced.


Art Video

We love presenting to the wider world through video the cornucopia of talented East African artists creating works to inspire us. We work closely with many traditional and contemporary artists who trust us to intimately capture their work and share it with the world.



Looking for that certain type of actor, dancer, singer, or extra for a particular role in your next project? We can connect you with some of the regions top casting agencies, directors, and talent. For whatever purpose you may need us for, just get in touch with us today, and we'll do what we do best!


Corporate Video

We make sure your corporate video works hard for you by blending information, engagement and creativity to make sure your video reaches and converts the widest possible audience. We can't show you everything we have done but check out our showreels to see some of our recent work.



Whether you are filming a documentary, feature, light entertainment, drama, corporate, current affairs, news & sports, X-Media Kenya have and know the experienced personnel for your crewing needs. Let us know what your project demands and we guarantee a fast response.


Fixer Services

Operating in Kenya, with networks in neighbouring countries, X-Media Kenya provides a full range of fixer services for all broadcast and film industry clients. We cater to each projects unique needs. We consult on all aspects of pre, production and post production support. Get in touch.


Digital Television

With wide experience in TV programming in both traditional terrestrial broadcasting and now in Web TV, we can help you work in this area by developing concepts and formats that work with your brand. Whatever you're planning, large or small - choose success and contact us now



Our passion at X-Media Kenya is in documentaries and we are proud of an award winning legacy and the valued relationships we have formed through this medium. Please view our previous documentaries to determine how we can be of value to your next project.


Equipment Hire

When it comes to video equipment hire, our combination of top-of-the-range equipment and unrivaled industry experience is backed up with a thoroughly professional service. If we don't have it in stock we know where to source it locally for you. Let us know your needs.


Event Video

From small and intimate to massive and national, we have the people, equipment and production values to produce the best event video, conference video or awards video. We have the equipment and the experience to live stream your event to multiple internet platforms for a global audience.


Exhibition Video

We design audio visual modes of display to accentuate the desired perception of exhibition video per the artist's intentions. Our high-end cameras ensure the best quality archival grade footage and sound to ensure that your exhibition videos are beautiful.



It may take a fortnight or more to secure all the locations and filming permits to shoot in EA. The process can lengthen considerably depending on the nature of each project, the amount of questions which may need answering. Our locations manager negotiate these permits in person prior your arrival.


Location Scouting

We maintain a database of spectacular and scenario specific locations in the East African region and can negotiate legal access to these filming locations. If you are considering Nairobi, Kenya or East Africa for your next assignment, then let us steer you towards a few hidden gems.


Lighting & Rigging

We can facilitate lighting design for a range of budgets and project scales and requirements. We know expert rigging personnel, equipment suppliers and technicians. We operate 24/7 and can be on call during production to cover all your lighting and rigging needs.


Music Video

X-Media Kenya are tried and tested at live event capture or streaming in crisp video and sound and music video production. We work with East Africa's top musicians, musical curators and promoters to showcase the regions rich musical heritage and the fresh scene breaking talent.



Once we get the green light from you, we can mobilise our pre-production process and run through that checklist to ensure that our collaboration or your production will encounter fewer headaches after we first yell "action"! From shot listing to location scouting, crewing to casting, we are full service.



We are skilled and experienced in post production and take pride in our fast turnaround times. We value the safety and security of your data and footage and provide cinema quality files. We can create motion graphics, SFX and sound packages for your project and will listen to you in revisions process.



We love where we live and work. It is who we are. Like any world capital, Nairobi can bestow ill fortune on travelers. Forewarned is forearmed and with the tacit knowledge that our team and crews possess we can ensure the safety of you, your people and your equipment so that you can focus on the joy of video.



We can organise all airport transfers, with safe and reliable vehicles and drivers, who will load and unload your equipment with care and know this region like the back of their hands. We can co-ordinate guide/driver hire and internal flights all around Kenya and East Africa.



Our wardrobe designers, props and special effects specialists and make up artists can create and foreground the unique style and feel of this region, for both period based and contemporaneously oriented productions. Our market is bountiful with highly skilled professionals and we know all the right people for you.


Our Legacy

X-Media Kenya is an award winning video production agency, offering services in video strategy, integrated media production, video marketing, branding, print, design and digital media. We have a strong client base across a broad range of private, public sector companies and organisations. We specialise in producing suites of video and content across all media formats, ensuring consistency of communication and design across your full range of channels.

Where We're At

We have been in operation for 25 years, and have hundreds of years of combined production, media and marketing experience. We operate from our offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

What We Do

We create world class video that helps you smash your communications goals. All of our crew work together to ensure the best possible product, whether it's splitting the workload of an edit, or simply giving each other second opinions - everyone on our team lives and breathes video and working together we're like a finely-tuned machine!

We Are Storytellers

Video content without a story is just moving pictures. Luckily, we love telling stories, and we have several ways to do it. With animation, text, voice overs, and plenty of other narrative tools at our disposal, it ensures that we can create a unique and compelling story for each project.

Uncompromising Quality

It would be fair to say we're perfectionists at X-Media Kenya. If the product is not the very best it can be, then it's simply not good enough. Excellence is what we work towards with every project, ensuring we reach our goals within our deadlines. Talk to us today to find out more,



Nothing to lose, a lot to gain! The duty of every good story is to be seen and heard. If you are ready to start your project then we are ready for the challenge. Our consultants will contact you to get to grips with your unique needs. We are open to fielding left of field project ideas and will surely generate value for you.
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