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X-Media Kenya has produced several projects for museums or artists that were expressly purposed to be displayed in an exhibition format. Consult us about your art documentation and exhibition jobs.

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Information on film and video for museum and gallery

X-Media Kenya is one of East Africa’s leading feature film production companies. As well as collaborating with you to produce art video and film we have expert audiovisual (AV) technicians that can set up and run sound and video equipment for exhibitions.

We can mix soundboards, loop video recordings seamlessly, enhance lighting, and coordinate sound and graphics with cool heads and in timely fashion for both live performances and longer term installations.

X-Media Kenya will set up and install media equipment at your venue such as LCD projectors, speakers, TVs, video monitors, and cameras.

We can complete electrical wiring, programming, and basic construction. While performing AV on-site work we pride ourselves on outstanding manners as we are representing not only ourselves but you the artist as our client. We are strong on communication as a tool to keep projects moving forward and put both our clients and venue managers or event coordinators at ease.

We guarantee a high-quailty experience by running video, audio, and signal testing to ensure all our systems operate at peak performance. We are always on-call to troubleshoot efficiently should any issues arise and use our objective analysis to spot issues and eliminate them before an event commences.

End to end we are dedicated to providing you with the best AV experience so consider us for your next exhibition or event.

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We shoot on high-end cameras, and our in-house production processes have been honed over the years to guarantee you the best quality. We also have a legacy that predates digital and enjoy breathing new life into obsolete image capture and display technologies. We design audio-visual modes of display to accentuate the desired perception of exhibition video.


We are one of the film companies in Nairobi that specialises in art gallery videos, with over 25 years experience making art video for artists and finessing galleries and museum displays.

In terms of modes of display, we offer an end-to-end service - that means we take care of the whole process, making it easier for our artists to enjoy their vernissage.

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