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Bring your crew or just yourself to Kenya or a neighboring country and X-Media will take care of the rest. Between the company inventory and our know-how of where to source local kit, we've got you covered.

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Information on equipment hire

With years of experience working with the best equipment supply companies and professionals, we can locate, negotiate and source any piece of equipment necessary for the execution of your project, at all stages of production.

There may not be a need to plan and pay for expensive equipment shipping from your overseas location as it is likely that X-Media can provide you with or source the hire of the equivalent asset, in-country, for a fraction of the cost.

Kenya offers the best in modern HD video capture technology with grip and gaffer supplies and we know and work closely with suppliers the best stock. Remote location kit such as radios and satellite phones are indispensable and just one of the many items we can provide on a reasonable budget

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Contact us for an in-depth consultation ahead of your next project. Together we’ve partnered with local equipment suppliers to ensure we get the best deals and tech support for your shoot


We have worked with most major production companies and broadcasters in Kenya and the East African region and foreign crews shooting here. If you plan to import equipment we can manage customs clearance on your behalf.

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