Since X-Media Kenya's launch in 2002 the company has worked with many audio-visual and digital production professionals at the top of their games. Our team’s qualifications and experience ranges from film school to television broadcasting and new media marketing. This combination of experiences gives us unique insight into video production and in turn producing highly creative and extremely powerful videos. Discover a little more about who we are here.

Robby Bresson


Robby Bresson established X-Media Kenya in 2002 with the sole aim of providing quality audio-visual entertainment and education in film, video and documentary production for the East African and global markets. Under Robby's leadership X-Media also actively supports training for youth initiatives and runs an unparalleled corporate and social responsibility programme. All part of Robby's vision for a tech-savvy company with a human heart.


Meredith Beal


Meredith's experiences in the broadcasting and music industries, technology, journalism, and the open data movement make him an excellent resource for learning how to take advantage of the new media landscape. He has overseen many African nation's migrations from terrestrial media broadcasting to digital and with his knowledge of we are delighted to be able to call on him for marketing direction and general media advice.


Steve Ruiyi


Steve Ruiyi is a video professional who specialises in cinematography. He has expert knowledge of a wide range of film equipment and keen attention to detail on set. When it comes to capturing a desired visual aesthetic there are few we trust more than Steve. He is always seeking innovation in his craft and is a creative driving force on our projects. Click through for more information on the amazing projects we have achieved with Steve.



X-Media Kenya is an award-winning video production agency, offering services in video strategy, integrated media production, video marketing, branding, print, design and digital media. We have a strong client base across a broad range of private, public sector companies and organisations. We specialise in producing suites of video and content across all media formats, ensuring consistency of communication and design across your full range of channels. We have been in operation for more than 25 years, and have hundreds of years of combined production, media and marketing experience. We operate from our offices in Nairobi. We create world-class video that helps you smash your communications goals. Talk to us today to find out more.

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