Considering video documentation for your next art project?

Digital documentation of live performances and variable media artworks is our forte. We work closely with artists to bear true witness to their ephemeral actions and evangelise the art we appreciate.

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Information on our art documentation process

We are always striving to find new possibilities in photography, film, and video and our priority is to provide the skills that allow you to focus on your event. We do this by being at the forefront of the conceptual opportunities offered by the many applications of digital technology while at the same time being knowledgeable about traditional photographic practices and through constant dialouge with our artist clients regarding the look and feel they wish to achieve to accentuate their conceptual concerns.

At X-Media Kenya we are passionate about our burgeoning regional contemporary art scene and strongly believe that the awe inspiring work of performance artists, dancers, painters, poets and craftspeople deserve a video documentation service that does them justice. That’s where X-Media comes in. Let us get to know you and your work so that we may document it intimately for all of our betterment and prosperity.

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Firstly we listen to you. We discuss your art and what you want to achieve - what story do you want to tell and what audience do you want to reach? All art is unique, so every documentation we engage in is different. You can be sure your process or performance video will be as unique as you are.


Nothing to lose, a lot to gain! The duty of every good story is to be seen and heard. If you are ready to start your project then we are ready for the challenge. Our consultants will contact you to get to grips with your unique needs. We are open to fielding left of field project ideas and will surely generate value for you.
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