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Founder and C.E.O. of X-Media Kenya, Robby specialises in writing, directing and producing for digital video and television. He is an excellent country-fixer with vast knowledge of the region.

Robby Bresson C.E.O. X-Media Kenya

A little information about our company founder

Robby Bresson began his journey as an innovative writer, director, videographer and audio-visual consultant for media when he attended the Maisha Film Academy and went on to further hone his skills at the Sitengi Film Talent Campus in Cape Town and the Directors Lab at The Kenyan International Film Festival.

Over the years Robby has proven himself to be a leader by example and an excellent teacher, always willing to share his extensive knowledge of his craft. He has been the Lead Trainer in Video Production at the Aga Kahn University and has lectured in video production at film festivals in Burundi and Kenya.

Bresson has become known in the media and motion pictures industry as a highly creative director and writer who thoroughly researches his subjects and focuses on both professional and personal passion projects that always have a unique direction and message based in truth.

Highly educated, Bresson had previously studied business development in the U.S. and an MBA in marketing at the University of Pune. He mobilises this knowledge base when devising concepts for bespoke, creative advertising campaigns.

Since establishing X-Media Kenya audio-visual production company in 1995, Bresson and his teams have gathered many industry accolades including directorial, leadership and governance, editing, and sound production awards.

Under Bresson's leadership, X-Media has produced a number of groundbreaking documentaries, working with organisations such as the Kenyan Film Commission and the United Nations to cover the key social and political issues of our times.

As a project manager Bresson has established excellent working relationships with many outlets and production houses in Nairobi. As a director, scriptwriter and line producer, he has worked for several local and international projects for MNET, RAI TV, Nation T as well as an extensive catalog of film and video productions.

To date, Robby has directed and produced five short films, twelve corporate documentaries and worked on over three hundred television projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Burundi, and India. His excellent knowledge of the region and his established professional networks make him a first-class country fixer.

As C.E.O. of X-Media Kenya, Robby continues to progressively raise the bar for film and TV production in the region and the company continues to lead its competitors in the market and give its clients excellent value and products to be proud of.

Bresson ensures this by bringing to bear the weight of his professional experience which has afforded him the opportunity to work in the areas of development and project management. Within these, he has become well versed in budgeting, staffing, formulation of marketing strategies, as well as innovating sales strategies which benefit projects by increasing revenue upon release.

Robby's passion for all spheres of creativity naturally draws him to working with some of the regions top musicians, and visual and performance artists. He has developed a reputation for understandingly documenting their ephemeral creations for prosperity and promotion.

Robby's continuing mission and ambitions for his company are to continue to strive towards contributing to the betterment of humanity and the universal body of art, beauty, and truth.

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