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Meredith Beal works with the African Media Initiative (AMI) where he leads multi-country projects to improve business management practices at media organizations in Africa, creating new revenue streams and developing sustainable business models that can be replicated at media organizations across the continent. We are delighted to count on his extensive expertise as our Marketing Director

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A little information about our head of marketing

Meredith Beal is an award-winning media owner from the United States of America and Senior Technology Advisor for the African Media Initiative (AMI). He leads a multi-country project to improve management practices at media companies in Africa, creating new revenue streams and business models that can be replicated across the continent. He is also a former Knight International Journalism Fellow, RIAS Berlin Fellow and National Assn. of Broadcasters (USA) Fellow.

His activities at AMI include supporting TV stations in Africa with the impending transition to digital. He organized workshops gathering station owners, engineers, ministry and regulatory body officials and other stakeholders, with experts from countries that have already completed the change. In addition, he wrote a pamphlet with tips for station managers, he organized global videoconferences and moderated panels on the topic at major conferences and forums.

Before entering the broadcast arena, he was a Global Webmaster for Dell Computer. His previous position at Dell was Marketing and Communications Advisor Worldwide. While at Dell, he purchased radio stations KTXJ and KCOX in Jasper, TX; KCLW in Hamilton, TX and KOKE in Austin, TX. He was named Texas Broadcaster of the Year in 2007 by the Texas Association of Broadcasters.

Meredith is an award-winning broadcaster, an award-winning webmaster and has won awards for his community service activities. Before Dell, he was Marketing Director for Motown Records and before that, Editor-in-Chief for a number of newspapers and magazines. His experiences in the broadcasting and music industries, technology, journalism and open data make him an excellent resource for learning about innovation and the new media landscape.

For more information see www.meredithbeal.com

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